We have released JFire 1.2.0

2011-11-30 JFire 1.2.0 Farnsworth is released

The JFire-team released a new major release of JFire. You can download the latest version here.


Farnsworth is a big technology update. Besides new versions of the underlying technology (DataNucleus 3.0, Eclipse 3.6, Birt 2.6) JFire now includes a web-based client. It is based on Eclipse RAP and through single-sourcing with RCP it provides nearly the same functionality as the default JFire client. Try our demo-installtion here: http://demo.jfire.org/jfirerap/jfire/index.jsp.


There are other noteworthy new things in JFire are. The user management was enhanced. User directory subsystems can now be integrated and with the first implementation a LDAP integration is provided that allows for authentication using LDAP and synchronization of users between LDAP and JFire.


Reporting users can now schedule the execution of a report. This way they can have their favourite business-statistics emailed to them regularly.


The CRM module provides enhancements to the person relation management and issue tracking as well as addedcustomization possibilities for the client ui.


For more details about the changes see the release notes for JFire 1.2.0 Farnsworth.
For a description of the update procedure see these instructions.


We hope you enjoy the new JFire release.

JFire-based management of polymer-processing

2010-11-02 BSG presents JFire-based version of ONEexchange

The Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH is a full-service-provider in the field of process-automation for polymer-processing. At the biggest trade fair for plastics and rubber (K 2010) BSG presents the first version of their JFire-based Software for managing and controlling recipes for polymer-processing-plants.


The system is built upon the new JFire-Reporting-Platform product. It enables its users to create custom control recipes for their machines by leveraging the PropertySet-framework of JFire. Additionally it makes use of the JFire-BIRT integration for visualizing the process-analysis. This use-case shows the great flexibility of the JFire basis where a complete system could be build with just a couple of small extensions to frameworks JFire provides.

BSGs development lead says: "I was impressed by the frameworks in JFire. Even with little upfront knowledge of application servers or Eclipse I was able to build the system".


New JFire Website is online

2010-06-17 New JFire Website launched

Since today, the new JFire website is online. The new site tries to give you an overview about the idea and features of JFire. In contrast to the community site, which primarily addresses software developers, we want to reach a different audience here and give you a quick impression of how you can benefit as a user from JFire. We hope you like the new site and in case you want to know more about JFire or leave some feedback, just contact us.


FIFA World Cup Game

2010-06-04 World Cup Game on JFire.org

You can take part in the Soccer World Cup betting game on our community site JFire.org.

You need to register and place your bets. You can win a JFire Shirt.

Further details see here.


We have released JFire 1.0.1

2010-03-20 JFire 1.0.1 Calculon is released

We have released a new maintenance update for JFire. You can download the latest version here.

The new update includes several bugfixes and stability improvments. For an overview of what exactly has changed take a look at the update news.